armarieyzaabel:  Sex in the shower. Warm showers, water runs down our bodies. Steam filling up the bathroom windows. It’s pretty foggy. My mouth and lips kissing the sides of your necks leaving unoticeable marks. Your back up against the shower walls, my body against yous. I’m grinding on you. The feeling of this is phenominal. My dick rubbing against your pussy. I carry you. Legs wrappedaround my wasi. Arms locked securely around my neck. We kiss. Up and down is he way you go. ith each thrst, you go deeper. The sounds of your moans echoes throughout the restroom. My heart pounding, your breath against my skin. The way you scratched my backs left marks for weeks. The sensation of feeling our skins flapping togehter. Easy clean-up afterwards. The night is complete. We lay there as the water drips towards us. We’re exausted but the best has yet to come. With that final kiss, we exit. Knowing we did something unthinkable was the best part. There’s always a first time for everyone!

Όσες κρέμες και αρώματα να βάλεις,
εγώ θα σε μυρίζω πάντα ιδρωμένη
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